Friday, 27 November 2015

CAW Complaint Copy RTI

How to get CAW Cell Complaint Copy through RTI ?

In order to get CAW Cell Complaint Copy through RTI you need to ask specific to-the-point direct & non-rebuttable questions/ queries through RTI.

Ask for Certified Copy of CAW Cell Complaint through RTI

The procedure for getting CAW Cell Complaint copy is as simple as asking how to Using RTI to get Crime Against Women Cell Complaint Copy filed by wife. Queries like:-

a)    Provide me the certified copy of statements made or evidence produced by parties during the inquiry      process
b)     Descripttion of information required :
c) Noting Sheets, day-to-day proceedings sheet, communications etc.
d) Copy of the CAW Cell Complaint
e) Annexures attached to the CAW Cell Complaint by the wife till date of this RTI.
f) Circulars & Standing orders & Judgments by your officers, senior police & upper courts respectively.

RTI is a helpful tool to fight against unethical practices of CAW Cells in Delhi or other parts of India.

How to ue RTI by NRI

NRI's can now use RTI to get CAW Cell complaint copy to know the procedure of CAW Cells in Delhi | India.
When in CAW (Crime Against Women Cell), NRI or Foreign Citizens (Indians), or PIO's (Persons of Indian Origins) trapped in false matrimonial disputes must never five POA (Power of Attorney) to any lawyer/ advocate. The only reliable person is your mother father. Watch Baazigar movie to know what wrong can be done if you give POA to anyone unknown.

Using RTI by NRI to get Women Cell Complaint
How to use RTI by NRI to get Police Complaint registered against him.

Use of 48 Hours Clause (Right to LIFE & LIBERTY Clause) in RTI helps in getting CAW Cell Complaint within a very short time & also helps in knowing whether there is any FIR registered yet or not.

Queries to be used are:-
(1) Action Taken Report on the basis of proofs & evidences submitted by husband.
(2) Status of the CAW Cell Plaint as on the date of filing of this RTI
(3) Name of the I.O. or E.O.
(4) Name of all the I.O. / E.O'S associated in any manner with this CAW Cell diary number XXYYZZ dated 05/06/2015 & rank, designation, belt, PIS number of all such officers concerned.

Friends, these days Domestic Violence Against MEN is on the rise. Due to this there are many forums on the internet which provide guidance with respect to issues such as cruelty against husband or domestic violence against men. But most of the men rights associations are involved in unethical practices vis-a-vis neck below the sword tactics but in order to win this war against we need to raise our voice against any ill practices involving domestic violence against men.

Hence, CAW Cells shall NOT be allowed to function as sole extortion houses but rather proofs & evidence copies be submitted by the husband side as well in order to put pressure on this Legal Terrorism.

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  1. Mrs. Jasleen Goraya New Zealand2 January 2018 at 01:13

    My brother Harsimran is from New Zealand.
    His wife has filed false CAW Cellcomplaint in the crime against women cell and we do not know what is the complaint about?
    Please suggest us some strategy to end false CAW Cell complaint as my brother is innocent.

    1. Welcome Jasleen Ji:
      As we discussed on phone few days back, you must get the LTR prepared which will help you break this false CAW Cell complaint which you want to get using RTI.

      Further, as discussed over the phone, please do not send your father to CAW Cell as your sister-in-law never stayed with your father.
      The corrupt CAW Cell officials at crime against women cell dwarka, if any, may try to trap your father in false 376 IPC or false 354 IPC crimes.

      There are more chances to get himself trapped in 376 IPC i.e., rape charges as your bhabhi ji wants to become foreign citizen, she may goto any extent.

      Do NOT get trapped in false CAW Cell complaint.
      You must close the false CAW Cell complaint at the caw cell itself.

      Read my post:-
      How to close false CAW or false FIR at:-

  2. hI, i AM Kalpit Sami from USA and a native of Trichy in India.
    I married a Delhi based girl who met me in a company in India.
    I went to USA through that company and she married me after 9 years of affair inclduing 6 years of livein relationship.

    She has never seen my family and she has filed a complaint in Delhi CAW against my three sisters also but interestingly I have no sisters. I used to tell her self made stories of my sisters showing that I have liabilities also so that she never demands huge share of my income/ salary.

    I want help to close this false CAW Cell Complaint within CAW Cell itself by using the methods or counter attacks listed at

    Dear Atur Chatur Sir, I have read a lot about you that you help NRI's like me who are falsely accused in 498a section of ipc by their wives which is also known as legal terrorism.
    Sir, please help me. I am in urgent needs.
    I will send you the details through email tonight itself.

    Kalpit Sami
    NRI USA harassed by 498a wife